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      手   機:18921515801

      座   機:0510-88768866

      網   址:  www.kovaxturkey.com

      地   址:江蘇省 無錫市錫山區東港鎮山聯村五房莊

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      People-orented, innovation and competition: quality is the root, based on the market: Good faith to moral, customer service: operating in accordance with the law, the pursuit of excellence.

      WUXI DONGLIANG METAL PRODUCTS CO, LTD is a larger color steel production enterprise in South Jiangsu

      The company is the domestic floor decking panel, galvanized board floor bearing pressure type steel plates, prepainted panels, CZ steel, steel structure and related

      accessories the professional production manufacturer. After the fierce market baptism, the company now has floor decking panels production equipment nearly 30 set of them, annual production capacity of 12 million square meters. Prepainted panels, aluminum pressure panels manufacturing equipment nearly 60 sets, annur

      production capacity is 30 million square meters. 5 sets of C, Z steel production equipment, the annual production capacity of 50,000 tons. Article 4 sets of steel structure production line with annual production capacity of 40,000 tons, Floor decking panels processing thickness range from 0.7 mm to 2.5 mm, covers mouth, silent, shrinking mouth floor decking panels, prepainted panels have roofing prepainted panels, metope prepainted panels, the erect side whipstitch roofing system, vaulted prepainted panels, thickness of 0.3 mm to 1.2 mm range but processing customized special color panels and aluminum pressure panels. Our company also processes and sales steel structure complementary material such as steel, welding class, nail, steel structure support, etc. Whether from market sales, or from the ownership of equipmen and processing capacity, our company have become steel structure material>roduction and processing industry leader.

      in addition, we can also design, develop, process of new pattern and new products according to the market requirements. In the spirit of the Chinese steel industry

      enthusiasm, DONGLIANG METAL PRODUCTS actively open up, dare be a person first, and continuously improve the production technology and the level of products

      and services, to provide users with the most high quality and inexpensive products around the world  Since the company's development, has always advocated the" integrity management. the credibility of the first business philosophy, so that every cooperation with our customers rest assured that cooperation, without womies about the future, committed to grow up for the most competitive enterprise



      電話: 189-2151-5801 


      郵箱: 2469503020@qq.com

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